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Does it give a specific person to send bribes to or do they use a drop box?? Seems like a large part of downtown housing prices might be the cost of finding the drop boxes.

john morris


Seems like Macy's can do the math and has an idea of where people who live in sprawl shop.
they shop in malls. Of course depending on the subsidy deal they can redo the math-- untill the subsidy runs out.

sean mcdaniel

so JM, why can't the almighty and righteous city population sustain a viable downtown? or in other words, why don't city residents shop downtown? could it be for many many years, suburbanites propped up the downtown shopping district...until the stores moved to the malls?

you know, when I grew up in Sewickley, we shopped downtown...went to doctors downtown...saw movies downtown...ate in restaurants downtown (where my mother worked as a waitress). of course, my parents started going to North Hills when Horne's, Gimbel's and Kaufmann's opened there. The same pattern happened in Monroeville and South Hills too...and all over the country. Seems like retailers (and shoppers) were more than willing to give up on downtown.

and consider this, the Pittsburgh metro population over the past 50 years is basically the same, around 2.3 million. which means that more people have always lived in the suburbs than in the city. which means a half century ago those suburbanites supported dowtown as much or more than city residents, because there were no malls, no first run theaters, not all that many decent restaurants (at least in the north hills) or medical complexes in suburbia. everything was downtown...and everyone had to go there to get everything from school clothes to cavities filled. so do you understand my line of thinking that suburbanites did more than their share to support the city? does that make sense to you?

if you had been around spouting your us vs. them BS back then, would you have argued that suburbanites were draining the city of revenues? or that they were helping to make pittsburgh a vital place?

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