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Mark Rauterkus

Since you asked: "So name names. Who's tenor, exactly, does the Allegheny Conference want to change?"

Guilty one, here. Too negative, well, ... I'm not TOO Negative but am negative twice -- a week. I've not been boosting enough in the band of boosters -- thankfully.

I am raising a family here. And, I think we should 're-brand' Pittsburgh about being a place where we should raise our kids. But, we'd have to get our priorities in shape before we boast that to the hills and valleys.

Pittsburgh, a place where we strive to thrive with our kids.

The PPS drop in students is real. We've got a bunch of issues to understand in that realm. Too much for a blog posting.

sean mcdaniel

Pittsburgh...light up and leave us alone. for the kids' sake.

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