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sean mcdaniel

or maybe the onion is a satrical newspaper that runs fake news. a couple years ago the onion reported that the yankees traded derek jeter to pittsburgh for the entire pirates team. you know, i didn't exactly call the pirates box office for season tickets.

but, that salary wouldn't be surprised for DC. you'd piss yourself if you know what stacy smith or patrice king brown made. it's really amazing. even the minor "talent" gets paid well on KDKA and WTAE (just imagine talking home Sally Wiggin and her paycheck)

Sam M

I understand that it is a satirical newspaper. I am just surprised that fact stopped people from mentioning it. Remember how the media covered Big Ben's (ultimately doomed) Chunky Soup commercial? Mayor Luke on Letterman? Terry Bradshaw in Cannonball Run? (We might have a huge discussion on the role the Steelers had on the commercialization of professional sports...)

Seems to me that people love to see Pittsburgh in the national spotlight. Even when it's really weird.

sean mcdaniel

but sam, cannon never said it. what get in a huff about something that never happened? now maybe if he had said that you can't imagine how tough life is in the suburbs on only $230,000 (or whatever the sum)...that would've stirred some discussion.

Sam M

I am aware he never said it.

Just like I am aware that Casey Hampton's mom is not in charge of feeding the Steelers. And just like I am aware that Terry Bradshaw never raced across america with Mel Tillis.

I understand what satire is.

I am not saying, nor have I ever said, that anyone should be upset about what Don Cannon said.

Again, because I know he did not say it. And I know what satire is.

My point is that The Onion is a national outlet. And that folks in Pittsburgh usually make a point of noting when another Pittsburgher is featured in a national outlet.



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Sam M

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