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the truck and sleeper are also considered a trucker's home away from home. according to FederalD.O.T. regulations the only time you can't smoke in your commercial vehicle is when it's a fire sensitive load[always placarded].


This also includes devlivery people such as the beer man, the bread man, the plumber, the electrician, the armed services and lets not leave out the police. I suppose they will fine you for smoking anywhere within 25 ft of the cab. After all the door of a vehicle is an entrance. So if your making a pass in the street or highway? What happens? This whole thing is a scam. If they are concerned with worker saftey. Why don't they push make industrial sites risk free. There is no absolute safe risks from antyhing in our world. welcome to the SSA. The Socialist States of America

sean mcdaniel

i think that smokers should be forced to wear yellowish brown hats that smolder all day long.


I do not think that the state should ban smoking until it bans drinking. They both kill and can smell bad.Dunk driving killed that Amish family and it was a man who had lost his driving right because of drinking. There are people that have never been around smokers or smoke and still get cancer and some of them die my father was one of them. People wake up before we live like BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING or something so terrible that we can't even dream of it yet....... But it si comingand soon..

sean mcdaniel

Big Brother might be watching. But in Orwell's world, BB didn't mind if people smoked or drank. Sex wasn't so good, though. The big eye on the wall and everywhere else was more concerned about what the people were thinking. No one here is hiding their comments in a hole in the wall, just out of sight of the omnipresent big screen TVs (I wonder how George knew about hi-def and 80-inch plasma screens.)

Maybe this is more of a Big Sister society, where government is trying to mother/smother us to death by protecting us from all our vices. Most times, women spearhead temperance movements and other "healthy" prohibition movements. Seriously, no jokes intended but do you think Bill Clinton will just say no to a cigar or a strong drink or a Big Mac? You can't bet it's Hillary who nags him about those nasty habits. Maybe his cardiologist, too, these days. Interestingly enough,the folks who want to ban transfats, smoking, guns are amazingly hands off when it comes to sexual preference and abortion.

So, if it's a person's choice to have sex with whomever and to stop a pregnancy (because it's a personal choice about your body) why in the hell do those same people want to stop everyone from making decision about how to fuck up our bodies with bad food and tobacco?

by the way,i don't smoke. never have. and i do try to eat as healthy as i can. and i don't give a damn who you go to bed with or meet behind in the men's room on the NJ Turnpike. And if you want to have an abortion, that's fine with me too. I'm not going to stop you. But sexual activity and abortion can cause harm too. So come on smoking and transfat crusaders. Add some new causes to your list.


My only comment is how do laws based on junk science get passed and what big drug company pushing a healthy form of nicotine has their hand up the surgeon generals butt making his mouth go! Oh and filling his pockets at the same time! Gee if second hand smoke killed I shouldnt be alive most of my friends parents smoked They shouldnt be here either. The state of California has determined that living in or being educated in the state of california causes off the wall thinking ! Because everything does not cause cancer

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