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Dennis Weed

Here's the web site for Lovell Place -


Steve MaGarvey had other investments in Erie. He also owned a place called Modern Tool Square localted on Third and State St. MTS was one of those urban tenewal project of the mid 1980s. McGarvry bought this just as it was about to go under in early 1991. I guess he gets a save on this. the Lovell place he also saved from just sitting. His relal problems started with him expansing into the Buffalo area. Plus at the same time his health took a turn for the worst. He could not concentrate on his endeavors. he also purchased some blighted propertie with hopes to revitalize them. After the City of Erie gave him hero status everything was fine once Steve got sick and his business started having problems running a business. The City of Erie decided he was a slumlord because he was not able to start work on some of these buildings. The usual citations, fines media coverage of code enforcement posting the building. Of course the whole time the local Redev Agencies properties sat and fell apart. Erie in the end trated this guy like crap. Elliot the new Redev Authority guru his background is a transportation engineer. Hes big on boulevards for traffic control. What a joke.
A litle backgound on Steve McGarvey. Steve was confined to a wheelchair. When he was in his teens he was injured by falling of a cliff at Wintergreen Gourge. It is my understanding many years of this caused other complicatons for him.

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