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Of course you are right that nothing is free. There has always been a question concerning the tangibility of ever seeing any "property tax relief" (a requirement of any bid)from the Isle of Capri bid especially if you don't buy the argument that Pittsburgh needs a "new" arena.
Here's something I'm hearing on the sidelines. The gaming board didn't take a close look at Barden's financials..


The zen economist in me asks, is there a free lunch in the free arena?

Mark Rauterkus

Zen -- just understand that free lunch means free drinks in a free slots parlor. But you'll have to pay dearly, err... play dearly.

Next up, we need to Free The Hill of a threat of a new arena. Put the new hockey venue out by the airport. Then Mario can realize a bigger upside to his investment. Better upside than K.C., Houston and even The Hill. And if his return is better there -- he'll need less (or no) public money.

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