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sean mcdaniel


As I stated in an earlier post...I'd love to hear anti-smoking crowd's views on abortion, homosexuality and legalized drug use. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but I bet you'd find a lot of them would say those are all personal choices and shouldn't fall under government regulation. And I agree with that stance 100 percent. But I think that if you want to smoke that's fine too. And if you want to smoke in your favorite bar, great. And if the restaurant you love lets you smoke, then go light one up.

If I (or anyone else) want some ass blowing his smoke on my dinner plate or in my rolling rock, then I'll eat and drink elsewhere.

As I've said before, the us vs. them mentality is killing common sense.

> I'd love to hear anti-smoking crowd's
> views on abortion, homosexuality and
> legalized drug use

I'm sure you'll be able to get that information because, it's not like they're individual people with their own opinions or anything. I'm sure they all have the same opinions on all those other issues.

After all, I agree with you, THEY are not like US.

sean mcdaniel

uh, mr. anonymous...i'm not like you or them. i'm really not like anyone else.

Jonathan Potts

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.

sean mcdaniel

maybe, JP, but I'm not the eggman or the walrus...and i'm surprised you didn't pick up the sopranos reference in "i'm not like anyone else." it's an old kinks song used at the end of the show where tony pisses of janice at a family dinner by talking about her son harpo.

Jonathan Potts

Damn it! That was a great episode. Tony just couldn't stand the fact that Janice might be happy and in control of her anger.

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