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sean mcdaniel

hey, i know one place where first- or second-hand smoke won't be dangerous — at the new slots casino on the n. side. oh well, there goes the neighborhood and my most frequently traveled bike path.

Sam M


No problem. File a lawsuit! You probably won't be the only one. Just claim that "the fix was in" and you'll be all over the front page.

Although to be honest, I thought for sure the fix was designed to help either one of the other applicants.

Man, I am glad I am not in the prognostication business. More on that soon...

sean mcdaniel

the fix was in no matter where the slots landed. i know you think that the condo subsidies suck. but the casinos are something i just can't stomach. of all the vices to condone, it's the one that can ruin lives the fastest.

sean mcdaniel

Knowing that Art Rooney Sr. was a gambling man and supposedly bought the Steelers with track earnings, it's fun to hear the latter day Rooneys bitch about the casino on the N.Side. It's kind of like hearing Michael Corleone going legit.

Jonathan Potts

Not only that, the Rooneys own a dog track in Florida. I think they used to own others.


The real sad thing about all this is that tobacco control groups now attack Dr. Siegel and his professionalism. It is even sadder that the media pays little attention to the fact that the good doctor now verifies what people have been exposing for years about these anti tobacco groups. If this would have been someone from Big Tobacco jumping ship it would be headlines. America a land that used to be home of the free choice.

Sharon Dupree

I once asked my doctor to be straight with me, without all of the feel-good-bandwagon rhetoric, about cigarettes, as compared to other health hazards. His answer, as I knew it would be, was that cigarettes, while unhealthy, were not any more or less dangerous than many other conditions, objects and behavioral choices we choose to accept, use and do.
Cigarette smoking is being used so the majority of people can legally get rid of something they don't like and can pat themselves on the back as they continue using, buying and accepting those things they don't want to give up.
One example is car emissions. We got notified by state officials that the area of car emissions was the biggest health offender. Yet, the policy in Washington was to give tax breaks to those who bought vehicles that were the worse offenders. Another area is the lack of clean air filters or proper ventilation systems, especially in buildings built without windows that can be opened, because it's cheaper. Another is building schools and homes on toxic ground, as the price is naturally cheaper. Another is children riding on school buses with the sweet aroma of those fumes, which would cost too much money to take care of (like the seat-belt situation). Another is the constant use of aerosol cans, which are too much of a convenience to give up. Another is the use of company pollution credits in concentrated areas. The costs of doing business, including providing jobs and knocking out product are too high, to some, to stop this healthy practice, with the worst offenders usually near people who have the least amount of protected rights. What about all of the products we love to use? Companies can put all of the toxic fumes they want in the air as long as we have the adult and children's toys and gadgets to make our lives easier and expedient. For the same reasons, they can even affect our food products, including putting substances directly on the food.
All in all, without taking care of those things we just don't WANT to live without, criminalizing people who smoke may be a temporary solution to some and may make people feel as if they've done something, but we're only inserting selfish restrictions on those who don't have the numbers to fight back. This seems to be what we do best in this country, lately.


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