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sean mcdaniel

relocation housing for katrina victims still living in fema trailiers. tell 'em it's the not so super dome.

GJ Head

No! Don't follow the buffalo way of doing things ONE BIT.

I just moved to Pittsburgh after spending 9 years in Buffalo, and I can tell you first hand that the "Bass Pro" deal is a complete mess that has completely polarized the entire community just as much as the downtown casino is.

The Bass Pro deal has been going on for perhaps 3 years now? Once they announced that Bass Pro was going to renevate the old Aud, nothing happened. It's been sitting dormant still, and not until this summer did people really start complaining about the slowness of the deal. Especially considering less than 100 miles away in Toronto, a new Bass Pro store was announced a year later a built to completion as well. If I am not mistake, they recently gave Bass Pro a month long deadline to come to final terms with what they are doing. Most people in the Buffalo area don't believe that this will actually happen, but of course, that remains to be seen.

The Casino in Buffalo is an entirely different can of worms.

Downtown Buffalo is a *very* different place than downtown Pittsburgh. They desperately need somethng to try to spearhead development. So the idea of *anyone* possible moving into the downtown area is good news. But again, not much movement has been made on this one.

Turn the Civic Arena into condos! I would totally live in the press box!

Mark Rauterkus

Perhaps Bass Pro secured the naming rights for the Aud -- but didn't need to pay for it. The buzz on a whim has paid off a million times in terms of notice and discussion.

This is one reason why we should always call the Civic Arena the Civic Arena, as you have done.

My biggest wishes:

- If a new hockey venue comes, it not be put on the lower hill in the area near the existing arena.

- Let's keep the existing arena as a true Civic Arena. There are other uses that could come into play.

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