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Mark Rauterkus

First, Rendell isn't to be trusted. His words are meaningless.

But to your question, I might venture a guess. Perhaps Rendell's meaning was to the point that this offer from him, Onoratoa and Ravenstahl beats the best offer any NHL team, (and team in PA) has ever had in the past. So, his offer beats what was ever offered before -- and would exclude any and all offers at PRESENT.

Better than any offer that has been made and accepted up to this point.

Just a hunch, FWIW, and it ain't much.

Jonathan Potts

I'll help them pack.


Wonder what SMG thinks of it since they are the ones who reap the benifits now?


Careful, you may get a midnight visit from Mark Madden. He won't harm you, but he'll clean out your refrigerator.

Jonathan Potts

Good one. I'm actually a fan of Madden, but it's embarrassing how much in the bag he is for the Penguins.

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