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Mark Rauterkus

I had the same thoughts -- and wonders.

We went to see the stage production of "A Night at the Sands" with The Rat Pack. Frank S, Dean M, and Sammy Davis Jr. The first two, just as they did on stage then -- were drinking and SMOKING all night.

Great, great show.

Does that show NOT get to play Pittsburgh in the future?

How come books can get off scott free? Smoking is very dangerous and chidren could accidently read about smokers.


The bigger deterrent for the past several years to smoking on stage was the requirement of a firemarshall at the performance for open flame.

Us stagehands (it’s one word by the way) blamed the bureaucrat panic after the Great White fire in RI.

That's why Tom Atkins never actually smokes a cigar during the Chief at the Public.

The new firemarshall is much more reasonable and allows it without the need for adult supervision.

This is nothing new though. Italy has had bans of any flame, even a candle, in certain theaters houses after the La Scala fire in the 90's.

sean mcdaniel

a couple nights ago, mike wallace was on the colbert report. he talked about what a terrific prop cigarettes were on the early days of TV newscasts, especially during interviews. cheap too.

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