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Mark Rauterkus

Well, well, well. There are victories.

Some blog should keep a record of them.

I think that the TIF at Deer Creek Crossing went poof recently. Hardly a notice. That was another win, more than just an editorial in our favor. It was a marketplace statement, despite what the politicians wanted to give away.

Jonathan Potts

Several years ago, the Mt. Lebanon School District said no to a TIF for the Galleria renovation. The project went on anyway, though on a somewhat lesser scale.

Mark Rauterkus

The biggest win, from my point of view -- and I'd love to hear of others -- was when the Pgh Public School Board said "NO" to the tax break for the COKE OVEN in Hazelwood. The group, GASP, did a WONDERFUL job in pointing out all the health worries and downside to the plant being put back into operation. Engineers and lots of charts and education came from them.

Since then, the school board has had a couple of voices against the TIFs, but they generally seem to pass, sadly.

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