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Mark Rauterkus

Mayor Murphy, Tom Cox, and the URA STARVED the Fifth & Forbes section of town. They took away the facade rehab money that was very small -- but often used, when it came to putting paint and signage onto the front of buildings. They didn't sweep the streets. They didn't put out garbage cans. They didn't worry about police. They didn't help in the slightest.

But, these are the ones that would help the cultural district, -- a place that has NOT been ignored.

They have had a way of pushing sections to ruin -- over the brink -- by design. But, -- as you point out in the posting -- they didn't do this for the entire region.

Murphy and the Ds PUNISH those that they can, when they can. if given the cause to do so.

Historic buildings have been troubled -- because they were troubled. That made the political agenda for Murphy seem so much more urgent and welcomed.

Now to read the article.

Mark Rauterkus

My rant, on different points, but same article. (Click my name for direct link.)


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