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Matt H

Well. It seems a bit extreme but they did get warnings & ignored them. They are breaking the law.

Sam M

True. How true.


We have a law that makes it illegal for old ladies to gather together and play BINGO in an environment that they see fit.

And when the do that anyway, we fine them $16,000.

But hey, we have a law, and they broke it.

Allow me to reiterate, and expand a bit.

Congratulations on the law, folks.


You deserve it. And each and every one that comes after it.

Jonathan Potts

The other problem is that all the exemptions seem quite confusing. Why can charity events feature smoking, but others cannot?

Sam M

I agree. The law seems a bit confusing. But I ain't gonna lie. Even if it were crytal clear, I would still think it's a stupid and, in fact, a dangerous law.

Look, I am all for law and order. And consistent enforcement. So these old ladies ought to face the same restrictions as everyone else.

But for me, that's not the point. What gets me closer to depression than anything is the fact that we appear tohave lost our sense of the absurd. For instance, we kick kids out of school for accidentally bringing nail clippers to class. And we throw doctors in jail for prescribing pain medication to dying old people... because the medication might be dangerous.

Seriously. Can it be considered anything other than absurd that we are paying public officials to raid BINGO parlors to make sure silver-haired old Lithuanian ladies aren't smoking? And FINING them if they are?

My god. When did Lithuanian BINGO parlors become the locus of what's wrong with society? Why would we spend even one cent trying to police them? Or express even one scintilla of interest in what's happening there?


What's even mor edepressing is that One of America's Great Newspapers is so ardently cheering this nonsense on. Seriously. Check out the editorial today.

The editors are promising more and more of it. And we're going to get more and more of it.

Which really sucks. Silver haired old ladies ought to run their own BINGO parlors. And bar owners ought to run their own bars. And people who don;t like those places should

1. Not work there; or
2. Shove it up their ass.

Instead, we have a society that passes laws that tells them to change the BINGO parlor.


I know that JP is with me on that. Although I think we are, sadly, in an ever-shrinking class of people.

Jonathan Potts

I'm with you.

Nate West

That PG editorial made me sick.
The folks who write that shit think psuedo-intellectual is a compliment.

Fred Mullner

I am in with you too.

And they do deserve it. Especially any little old silver-haired lady who voted in the nanny-state jackasses who passed the law.

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