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Okay, how many times is "Blogges Have Impact" going to be news before it's not news?

Sam M


But there are two versions of this story. One is in the Ravenstahl/Clinton mold, in which mainstream media types are aware of a "rumor," but just can't "prove" it, whether it's about interns or elected officials getting cuffed and stuffed at a football game. Eventually, a blogger catches the scent and just publishes the rumor, forcing the MSM to follow.

But the one I mention here is different. This is basic journalism 101: requesting government documents. A major daily should have been all over that. Why weren't they? All it took was a FOIA request.

This reminds me a bit more of the Dan Rather fiasco, in which a blogger did some simple fact-checking and destroyed an entire story that had already aired.

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