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Mark Rauterkus

To bad we can't put any of those engines to work pulling people around our region. I've been calling for 'heavy rail' for a some time. We should open rail lines for people, like they have in Chicago, New York, etc.

We've got the tracks. We've got the history. We have the need. We have the bad highways. We have the locomotives. We have the switch and signal folks. We have just lack the people in office with the vision.

Heck, one of the rail operator wanta-bes wanted a line from past Oakmont to the back of downtown. That would cut the Rt 28 mess and its landslides.

But, we've got a monopoly in PAT. That is what needs to be broken apart in some ways over the years.

In our lifetime, one could ride the rails from McKeesport to Sewickley.

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