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If you would give this important debate over Cape Wind a little bit more depth of consideration than the flip remarks you have placed here -- perhaps your fellow bloggers would actually learn something.

Thank goodness for people like David McCullough who have realized the truth about this proposal by a profiteering developer who threatens the Cape -- not with a good solution for alternative energy -- but with a project that will threaten our economy, our safety and our environment!

Sam M

OK. Sure. If you want to know more about the issue, try:


Or just search "kennedy" and "windmill." You'll get loads of stuff pro and con. I am not sure who the official "con" group is. But I am sure there is one.

Was my post a hit job? Maybe. Although it points to a review of a book written by a local reporter and an editorial page editor from Providence. They take a lot of swipes at the Kennedy/McCullough coalition. But come on. I suspect they can take it.

My interest in this stems more from, one, the fact that a Pitssburgh guy is involved. But I am parochial like that.

And two, the fact that these celebrities are getting kicked around a bit. Which can be interesting to watch. By that, I mean that it does not fit the comfortable media template of "Big Corporate Meanie" again "Poor Little Guy." Or Left versus Right. Etc.

For more, see:




carler && kate

alot of bollockz

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