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I think one of the core problems is just a big implied intimidation factor. In a city so well known for it's inside machine politics, coruption and stuff, who wants to be on record as being opposed to the powers in charge.

Mark Rauterkus

I'll be on the record as opposition to the machine politicians that fill Pittsburgh.

If he is serious, I welcome him to the race. If he is not -- then shame on them, again.

I won't let the Ds get a free ride. If you want -- write in my name, Mark Rauterkus. But better than that -- go to the polls and collect 10 or 20 signatures for our slate of challengers -- running as Libertarians.

Get the blank PDFs (printed on legal sized paper) -- at http://elect.Rauterkus.com/papers/

People in the county, city, and various city council districts can print out various forms to match their location.

Josh Wander

Blog about Desantis...http://joshwander.blogspot.com/2007/05/democracy.html

Mark Rauterkus

Welcome to the online world Josh.

Paul Galvanek

People keep talking about the Republicans screwing up with candidates, the Post-Gazette editors write that local Republicans need to get their act together etc etc...

I'm not sure who exactly these people are referring to though as it is plainly obvious that their is no Republican Party in the city and the one operating in the county is little more than a sham, a shell that exist for displeased Democrats to turn to when they want to run after having been defeated in their primaries. Anyone old enough to remember back; there was a time when local Republican leaders Elsie Hillman and Theresa Heinz (yes that Theresa Heinz) were sent letters containing voter registration forms and a request from state Republican leadership to please end their misrepresentations of their party affiliation and put an end to their efforts to dismantle the Allegheny County Republican Party.

By blocking access to city jobs, contracts, services and even to the most minimal contact with representatives and managers to ONLY registered Democrats the city's political machine effectively killed the Republican party in the city and severely crippled it at the county level.

I can personally attest to the fact, and site dozens of personal experiences, as to how registering as a Republican in the city of Pittsburgh is essentially economic suicide and opens one's self up to all manner of assaults on person and property. To suggest that any party but Democrat is permitted to exist and function effectively within city boundaries is ridiculous. And calling on fictitious entities such as city Republicans to do anything is laughable.

Anyone who believes that the city's party affiliation ratio is due to personal preferences of voters should look back over the results of the last few national elections. The city leadership may be able to dictate party affiliation, and stomp out competition on the local level, but they'll never be able to dictate how people cast their votes in races at the national level.


It would be great if the Democratic field had competition within itself and also from Republicans and others. The city needs that. However to say that national trends show that Pittsburgh is really less Democratic is not accurate. It’s easy to debunk that by looking at local results for the national elections. On a county level Bush was comfortably out voted. A Republican Senator from Western PA was booted and a former Steeler couldn’t get elected.

Paul Galvanek

In 2004 George W. Bush recieved 42.1% Allegheny County votes, in 2000 40.4% Comfortable margins for the Democrats no doubt but completely out of line with the 2:1 Democrat to Republican registration advantage. In the city only 16% of voters are registered Republican, but he got nearly 25% of the vote both times. Likewise Swann got 40% in the county with it's 2:1 ratio and while I have no city numbers available I've got a feeling it's more than 16%


Thank you for confirming my point.

Mark Rauterkus

Running for PA Senate, 42nd dist, in 2006, there were aprox 250 Libertarians, throughout Allegheny County. I got 2,500 votes.

That was in a 3 way race.

Meanwhile, the D got 20k votes with 90k Ds in the district.

When you look at turnout numbers -- things can go right out the window. In a two way race -- all bets as to performance can be tossed out the window.

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