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Matt H

I would rather go to a place and spend my $$ in a non smoking facility.

Amos the Poker Cat

Mac Small Obnoxious Yippie Dog is a jagoff, in every sense that that is the ultimate PIT pejorative. Consider, he starts off the year on his blog joking about nailing Betty Ford, now that the Ex-Prez is dead. (Given his vulgar prurient blog, it is amazing he has not pulled an "Imus" on the air yet, but there is hope.) It really is an utter waste of time trying to have anything that approaches a logical reasonable debate with him.

How do you feel about turning the smoking issue over to the mob? The hoi pol loi, not Tony Soprano. Like Ohio did with a state wide referendum? Ohio Issue 5 won 59%-42%, which is as lopsided a vote as any. An alternative proposed by RJR lost 36%-64%.

Ohio's new law was so draconian that it defined the cab of a truck with only one driver as a smoke free work zone. It is so comical even blue haired ninnies like NPR, had to comment. Even Ontario is not this bad of a Nanny State, and they even have a "State Store" system too.

Since KDKA gave Mac SOY Dog the boot, and replaced him with reruns of the Atlanta based (Capital-L) Libertarian Nial Bootz, KDKA's ratings are up for the latest quarter. Ratings for that time slot are up 50%.

Jonathan Potts

That's your choice, and there are smoke-free establishments that cater to people who don't want to marinate themselves in cigarette smoke.

The most persuasive argument in favor of a smoking ban--and I have mixed feelings about smoking bans--is that second-hand smoke is harmful to employees. (Though clearly not so harmful as smoking-ban proponents make out.) However, the idea that a person, as a customer, has a right to eat in a smoke-free establishment is as ludicrious as the argument that they have a right to eat in a trans-fat free restaurant.

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