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John Morris

Just read the comments on this blog closely and read the actual polls that have been done cause that's not what people are saying. We both know the city has plenty of grassy abondoned neighborhoods and that places like Mt. Lebo have appartment buildings and developers who thing there's a market for more.

John Morris

As, you say there is certain crowd like that. All I ask of them is that they stay the hell out of Pittsburgh.

"Are these people monsters? I don't think so at all. But even if they are, are they monsters we "created" by chasing them to the burbs with all these anti-city policies? I guess that might be the case. But even if it is, can you put the genie back in the bottle? Maybe so. Maybe so. Maybe we can make them not like these things. Or make them pay more for such things. But what doesn't make sense at all is to act like these people DON'T like these things. Some people don't. But a whole lot of people do. And despite what we might think, they have NO INTEREST whatsoever in living closer to downtown."

In a city like, NY or London there really isn't much of a conflict between the two lifestyle choices since the vast majority of people commuting in to town use rail lines. Here of course we have our "free" road system and government funded parking fettish to make suer that doesn't happen.

Thank you Joe P!

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