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Amos the Poker Cat

Ya, a drop from 608K to under 500K does not seem that big of a deal compared to here. The thing is you would be amazed what a huge deal it is to move from one city to another in Germany is for a German.

I working in Munich for several months back in '94, a couple of years after the wall came down. Munich is considered the high tech capital of Germany. It is the location of German patent office, among other things. One guy I worked with was from the "former East Germany", Berlin in particular. His wife used to work for the patent office in East Germany. Naturally, she was offered a position in the combined patent office which was going to be in Munich. He was not working at that time.

The distance between Berlin and Munch is only about 300 miles. That is about the same as between Pittsburgh and Detroit. Yet it was a huge decision for them to move. In the US, it would pretty much be a slam dunk.

Anyway, while looking for population data on German cities I found this web site, http://www.shrinkingcities.com/. They even have the Shrinking Cities exhibition in CLE. It even had a film festival. Better hurry it ends soon, June 8th.

Clearly, I feel they slighted PIT by not hosting it here. Detroit, NYC, and CLE, but not PIT?!

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