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Amos the Poker Cat

Hmm, the Forbes article says the Sat ratings were 1.5/3. I wonder if Yglesias was quoting the 18-49 ratings instead. Hmm, looking in the TVWeekly ratings archive for the of July 18, 2005-July 24, 2005 the second West Wing repeat of the night at 9PM did get a 1.1/2 with only 0.4 in the 18-49. Ouch. Looks like 1.1 hockey ratings might have be preliminary overnight numbers.

The .ca ratings are only down a little.

"HOCKEY RATINGS: After two games, CBC is averaging 2.5 million viewers for the Ottawa-Anaheim series, down 5 per cent from last year. That's only 15 per cent lower than CBC's all-time high during the 2004 final. American ratings are dismal. In other news, the sun rose in the east today. ... "

Bram R

I had not been watching hockey since the penguins got bounced ... I was *shocked* find it still on television that night!

But when I saw Ottowa was still in it, and I heard Alanis Morissette give an absolutely stirring performance of both national anthems, and I started watching the game, I was really into it! I was like, oh yeah, hockey!

I even dug the banter between Bret Hull and Don Cherry about how there should be more fighting.

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