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Mark Rauterkus


What they are doing is NOT good policy. But, what they are doing is (perhaps) good politically.

People in Fairywood are screwed because they don't have political clout.

The ones downtown have political clout.

I am all in favor of giving everyone a tax break. I'm not in favor of giving handouts to some and not to others.

Abatements stink.

TIFs stink.

Cronie deals with public money stink.

Cut cronie deals in the private sector, not with government efforts.

Finally, when the government folks become developers, then the developers shift their roles and become those that govern. They will be speculators and buy and sell (make or break) politicians.

Jonathan Potts

I agree with your critique of Peduto, but I suspect his reasoning went like this: The neighborhoods he proposed for his abatements--which I think were Downtown, the Strip, and the South Side--are so much different than the other city neighborhoods that they wouldn't draw construction away from them. Personally, I favor city-wide abatements if it is a given that we are going to do them at all.

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