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There's good cause for their concerns... of course the new arena is going to screw them like every other government funded project ends up screwing the people its supposed to benefit.

The thing that boggles my mind is that after 60 years of this locally when are the people getting the screwing going to stop re-electing the people doing the screwing?

A campaign slogan I'd like to see:

Re-elect Ravensthal, Onorato and Burns because 60 years of screw ups doesn't prove a damn thing!


You are an idiot,its an Arena that can be used 365 days of the year if so booked... $17,000 people hmmm I wonder what 17,000 people generate in revenue... I dont need to bother with the math if your that stupid there is no point

Sam M

You wonder what kind of revenue 17,000 people will generate? Well, stop wondering, jackass. People have built those kind of arenas in other cities. And guess what? In no case are the revenue positive.

Sorry. It just doesn't work.

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