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Maybe he will grow up to be an ironworker instead.

Chris Schultz

We are going to need plenty of domestic steelworkers in the next two to three decades ahead, especially if we go forward with the 30 to 40 new nuclear reactors that are planned for construction across the US.

Good feature from Fortune Magazine: http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/nuketour/2007/index.html


Sure we'll need the steelworkers... but what makes anyone think you'll see them in Pittsburgh?

When are people in the region going to wake up to the fact that the current political landscape of the region will prevent any heavy industry from coming to SWPA? New steel plants are being built in Alabama and other right to work states, not the rust belt where union boot licking is qualification number one for someone to get elected.

The kid might grow up to be a steelworker someday, but if he does dollars to donuts says he'll be living well south of the Mason Dixon line.

models in london

How in the world would they forgot that. It's awful in a way.

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