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Amos the Poker Cat

This is the annnual Forbes list that all good little yinzers just love to hate, or nit pick. Last year, Chris Breem and I went in circles about it. The last thing we had to agree to disagree about was the Forbes uses never married over 15, and he liked another arbitrary older age, like 25, or something.

Take a look at the details for PIT. We suck in all catigories, but the worst numbers are for singles count(34 out of 40), and job growth (36 out of 40). Our "high point" is culture, 22 out of 40. Just below the middle of the pack. Whoopie.

The details of our #8 rank for "most drunken" city are pretty funnny too.
We are SERIOUS binge drinker(2/35), and heavy drinkers (8/35), but not much more alcoholic (22/35) than average.

Double ye-ha. Pass the Penn Pilsner. Better make it 2, but only because I want to, I can stop any time.

(#1 was Milwaukee, with a score of 4/1/3/1/3, they are going to be hard to beat. Hmmm, there a casino with a poker room there? Drunks are the happiest losers.)

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