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Hey man - thanks for pointing this essay out - I came back to pittsburgh via Ann Arbor, London, Chicago and Washington DC it really hits home on why my wife and I love our street and our neighborhood. Pittsburgh is a great place.

Mark Rauterkus

The Boss is going to play in the Civic Arena.

And, the Pens are going to play a game of hockey outdoors this Jan 1. Go figure. We could play more games under the stars / outdoors in Pgh if the Civic Arena's roof worked again.

You know, there are very few cities in the world that are big and full of buzz that have THREE RIVERS. That's our downfall. Seems that the buzz flows downstream and departs. So, we should do all we can to re-name the Mon to "OHIO" and then we'll be better positioned to be a big-time, two-river town. We'll can turn the corner then.


The roof works. It's the damn center ice scoreboard/"jumbotron" and the rigging for it that needs to come down before the roof can open.

Richard Layman

see www.geturban.com

Richard Layman

see www.geturban.com


sweet article and may I add ; It is much easier for single parents to live in the backwaters than metro; parents will always know where there kids are, cause the next house is 1/2 a mile away, and a parent can self sustain by growing their own food, and the kids can help or will go hungry.

See more @ http://SingleParentsNetwork.com

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