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Whether anyone is looking forward to it or not is irrelevant. Those who have the power and ability to make such a thing reality have no interest in doing it so it won't happen.

Mere mention of rail in Allegheny county sends bus driver union reps into a frenzy as they swarm to their lackeys in county government and make sure only the most antiquated and obsolete, labor intensive and highest cost modes of transportation are paid for with tax dollars.

When people in the region wake up and realize that some leaders really have no interest in doing what's best for their community, only what's best for ensuring their own political viability, maybe such things would be possible.

I thought for a moment when there was a collective head scratching at the notion that a publicly funded arena that just happened to be on the other end of a 500 million dollar tunnel under the river nobody could figure out, won out over a privately funded one that people would start figuring it out ... but alas all that was discarded as Dan Onorato, James Burn and Luke Ravensthal patted each other on the back in congratulations at delivering a few hundred million more to another billionaire campaign contributer as they boarded the private jet.

Private investment, efficient public transportation that serves needs, *pffth* hows that gonna keep the local machine in power?

John Morris

It's weird that even though I lived in Queens, I never went to fire Island. Anyway, it's a good example of a real vacation spot, most of these people are looking to get away from it all for a few weeks or a month, or if they are living there year round they enjoy the benefits they are getting by being in a more natural place and are willing to accept the trade offs.

Long Island because of it's rail system still has a bunch of vacation and beach spots in which cars are not so dominant. The last time I went to East Hampton, we got stuck in some of the worst traffic I have ever seen, and I don't want to go again. It seems like most of the east coast barrier island beach communities have been wrecked by cars. The few that haven't are gems.

My mom, used to take us on the old time LIRR line to Oyster Bay on the North shore of the Island. The north shore seems less attractive to crowds who want the big ocean beaches and I think it's nicer.

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