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John Morris

Interesting point about the money. Yes, it's that Robert Wood Johnson as in J&J. also, since printed cigarete ads are not legal, but paid anti tobaco ads are as well as printed ads for all of J&J's products, it stands to reason that The Post has a greater incentive to support big anti-tobacco.

The most interesting issue is who does the government have an interest in supporting since "settlement money" as well as cigarette tax money are a big source of cash.


RWJF worth is around $ 9 billion. Many of its employees are from the revolving door of J&J, FDA, EPA and many health orgs. Their IRS 990 form every year is around 1200 pages. They make from $400-$600 million a year on investments. Most from the $4 billion in JJ stock. Half of their returns goes out as grants (influence peddaling) the other half back into the endowment. Two years ago "Fast Eddie" Rendell received $250,000 dircetly into the Governors staffing budget to partially fund some made up position. RWJF is also behind giving grants out and lobbying for health courts. Instead of exercising one 7th ammendment rights to file suit against injury from the medical community (which includes Big Pharma). Specially trained people would make decisions of compensation. Of coursed trained by Pharma/Industrial/Medical Complex. Reason average citizens cannot make decisions on such issues. That strikes me as strange. We can decide to put someone to death but are not bright eonough to sit and judge medical damages. By the way JJ recently purchased Glaxo the maker of Chantix smoking control drug.


A read of the article makes one laugh with disgust. The quote form the RWJF or infering that RWJF was helping some sort of org that did this on thier own in reference to Tobacco Free Kids. TFK was created by RWJF and has been funded with millions of dollars in grants from RWJF. The Gazette is in bed with the public health social engineering paristies. The Gazette owners mother died of cancer. Don't expect honest or non bias reporting. These socialist elitist are the demise of a great nation. Hell but they don't mind the public subsidizing their condos or latte shops.


More detailed information about the relationship between RWJF & Johnson & Johnson:



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