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>Why are we subsidizing the Piatts and PNC to build fancy condos, again?

Ahhh for the same reason we're building a arena for a billionaire and a light rail extension to a casino...

Because the Piatts, Rohr, Burkel, Barden and Stabile keep heaping perks on and pouring money into the campaigns of Dan O'narato, James Burn, Luke Ravensthal and the "leaders" of the local political machine.

The real question is: when are people in the region going to wake up? And sadly the answer appears to be never.

Is there any other city in the country were someone like Luke Ravensthal could get elected over Mark Desantis? No, and yet it'll happen here.

Colby Moore

We have different opionions about different living spaces. For some, condo living is the best. Others might not find them so agreeable. We have different needs and situations that's why we have different points of view about the best living spaces.

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