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I raised the point as a reason of of Democratic support. And there you go again with your idiotic right wing propaganda. Again you seem want to interject it regardless of how inaccurate or irrelevant it is....


Again you are both irrelevant (I had originally simply noted why among other things some Pittsburgh vote Democratic) and inaccurate in your AM radio like views of both the church and the Democratic party, but don't let that stop you. Please continue puke the fast food nonsense, Hannity style.

Joe Yinzer

I will vote for any candidate that promises us not one but THREE new hockey arenas! Hey, I'm underemployed, overtaxed, and can't get a direct flight anywhere, but give me a beer and a hockey game and I'm happy!


Before you sign any contract carefully read over the entire document, at best in your own home away from the pushy sale man.

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