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You're correct.DeSantis is not going to be the first in a long line of GOP mayor's.But he would be a great lessons for those Dems who just pull that lever year after year regardless of the candidates.However,a vote for DeSantis is not a vote for Peduto.You can still write in Peduto,but he has stayed out of this election opting to blog with pretty Justine while DeSantis does the heavy lifting.

Mark Rauterkus

The idea of a write in vote for Peduto is cute. Not nearly as cute as Justine, but cute. Heck, might as well go to the heart of the matter and just write in Justine for Mayor. That gets you cute squared.

As for the 'goon' remark, I might resemble that only option, twice, on the local ballot -- once in the city-wide ballot.

Dangerous doesn't fit me, I dare say.


Like Dan, and I, pointed out... Bill Peduto is part of the problem, not part of the solution. Anyone who looks at his background and believes otherwise is simply in denial or doesn't get what's at the root of the problem.

Sam M

I'm not making any claims about Peduto. I am saying that for DeSantis to stand a chance, he's going to need support from Democrats. And they are not going to support him unless they can think of some way in which a Ravenstahl loss would be good for their party.

I happen to think it would be good for their party. Any kind of shake-up would be good. I mean... the fact that Peduto wouldn't even ATTEMPT to take on an un-elected 27-year-old speaks volumes about the dangers of seven decades of one-party rule.


And all I'm saying given my past experience I doubt DeSantis will be able to muster enough to make a difference.

People keep scratching their heads and wondering how it is that Democrats have managed to secure such a grip on city politics and Bill Peduto is an example of how and why.

Because it has become so engrained in the attitudes of city voters that Republicans (really any non-Democrat) are so inherently evil that it is easier to ignore Peduto's background, past actions and political connections and choose to believe what he says he's about than to even consider a vote for the member of another party.

At the end of day though Bill Peduto is still an integral part of the Democrat's local machine and any vote for him is a vote to perpetuate it.

Nike Jordan

Frisbeetarianism is the belief that when you die, your soul goes up on the roof and gets stuck.

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