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while I might quibble with the logic of the comparison... as Sam puts it, it's actually worse than that by far. That population and density are for zips that encompass a lot more than what many call Downtown and even then is impacted mostly by the jail's misplacement by the census. but fyi:




maybe I ought to add... if the metric really is density, then it actually is reasonable to think you can get Downtown's population in a reasonable range for a more vibrant neighborhood. Why? Forget the zips, Downtown the neighborhood is really a half square mile max and that includes point state park.. So in the parts that really have a chance at being residential must be some fraction of that. So if you are talking a third of a square mile or less you could achieve a population deinsity comparable to lots of other neighborhoods...

but I am not saying density in itself is the uber metric in this case... but Sam brought it up as something to look at if nothing else.

Sam M


Thanks for the link. I think that's a much more complete look at things. The one I linked to here is for lazy folks. Like me.

As for density as the uber-metric, I plead not guilty. That is, lots of people other than me brought it up:


As for the 24-hour downtown, people have been pushing for it--and lampooning it--for well-nigh a decade.


Which is all well and good. But again, I wonder what the goal is. As far as I can tell, nobody will say. Nobody will define what success looks like in specific terms. Which is worrisome.

And of course, the Post-Gazette has STILL not taken up my idea of actually--you know--sending a reporter down there to ask all these people where they actually came from. Which sems strange. If the planners end up being right and a huge protion of the people are new to the city, the paper could engage in it's long-standing tradition of cheering from the rooftops.

If it turns out a whole bunch of the people are from Shadyside, they can take credit for speaking truth to power. Seems win-win.

Besides, this is old-school, door-knocking journalism combined with all that new-fangled database-searching. Real award-winning stuff.

To the barricades, Toland!

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