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"Well here's something shocking: The Urban Land Institute thinks that plans to add a whole bunch of retail space downtown might be a bad idea... because there is already tons of vacant retail space."

Gee, and I didn't even need a whole bunch of degrees and studies to come to that conclusion years ago. A look at the amount of space that is available from several real estate sources and application of some of the most fundaental economic principles is all it took.

John Morris

I said this before about the plans for downtown. The main flaw is not the recent moves towards housing but all the other stuff. All the plans have add a tiny amount of housing and then tons more of the same old office, and retail that there's a glut of.

The food store, is the only essential component, in that it's needed to get downtown residents. It should probably be subsidised by the housing developers untill a customer base develops.

Adding large amounts of office space to the mix, would (if it was filled) actually harm the quality of life for residents downtown by causing pulution noise and traffic headaches. The best place to refer to is lower Manhattan. It has something like 6 times the number of office jobs and is still a poor place for retail which is only improving now as it adds a lot of residents.

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The problem Downtown, he added, is not just excess space. It's that there's "not enough good stuff."

That's striking also for me. But it's true. You have the space and you want that it works for what people demand today.


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