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Yes I've been to NYC by train, though it has been many years. The station is in that big fancy building next to the federal court house, catty corner to the federal building and across the street from where the old Greyhound bus terminal used to be and there's construction currently underway right on Liberty Ave as you enter the strip from downtown.

As far as I knew when we went there was no long term parking there or nearby. Depending on how early you need to be there and where you're coming from a bus may be difficult to impossible to rely on. From where I live in the North Hills there's no way, when trying from Squirrel Hill if it's not to early and the buses are running it was possible with an hour worth of travel and a transfer or drop in town and a very substantial walk.

We always threw some gas money to a friend and got dropped off, a cab might be the best option if nobody likes you that much :-)

Ed Heath

The EBA goes right by and stops real near the train station, I believe. When I rode the EBA 15 years ago the stop was called Penn Station. And the EBA runs pretty frequently. Not that you want to use that as an excuse to leave at the last moment. Good luck.


Try Google Transit, available online at www.google.com/transit. Pittsburgh is one of the few cities that's available. Basically, the Port Authority provides all of its schedules and times to Google. It works decently well; even if it can't be used for this trip, it might help for something else.

Also, have you considered taking a taxi?

Mark Rauterkus

Going to the train station is easy -- because -- My wife takes me there and drops me in her car. Then she drives home.

You could get a lift from a very good friend.

Or, you could take a taxi.


I just played around with both Google Transit and the Port Authority site and this time Port Authority seems to win.
No matter what I did, Google just would not route me on the East Busway and kept having the end of the journey be a "five minute walk" (which you don't want with luggage).
But when I put in "Squirrel Hill" and "Penn Station" on the Port Authority trip planner I pretty easily got schedules and routing for the 64A to the East Busway (EBA).

john morris

I think you said you live in freindship so you have better options than many. You can catch an 86a which I think goes down Libery and I think get off right past that trestle underpass and the old Greyhound terminal or take the 86B down Penn Ave (that bus is pretty reliable and frequent)and also get off near the Greyhound terminal.

Either way, you are going to have to face down all the car oriented intersections with your luggage and the fact that Liberty Ave has no sidewalk over there which says about all you need about Pittsburgh's concern for pedestrians.

I think the trip is scheduled for 9 hours but usually takes longer since the train operates on freight lines to Harrisburg and they figure your just a tourist. Buy a ticket in advance. There is only one trin a day and it is becoming increasingly crowded. During peak periods, it's possible for it to sell out.

Jaime Star

So this blog was long long ago but it caught my eye because I'm wondering....... HOW?! I am planning two trips on the PGH rail this month ( NOV 08 ) and I have no idea what I was thinking. Typically I fly. I have that down pat, no problems, no questions, I'm good. Now I have to learn a new system. Not under duress, it's for fun, but I like to be really prepared. I do NOT travel lightly. I have a 3 year old ( in love with trains, hence the rash decision not to fly this month ) so that means a backpack of his stuff, one bag of travel necessities, and a large stroller for when the bags or three year old get too heavy for me. I'm sure that I can figure out the station when I get there, but now what do I do? I live 1 1/2 hours away in NE Ohio and I was planning on driving to the station and parking the car for few days. I'm somewhat worried about that now..... did you ever find a conclusion for parking garages or similar? This fun trip is starting to stress me out and I'm not even packed yet. Any suggestions?

Medieval Clothing

I'm with Jaime, I would want to make sure my car would be in a safe place when i'll be leaving it for let me say 2 weeks. Do you know of any safe place? I don't care if I would be spending some so just to keep it surely safe.




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